"I love Kore Kitchen. Meryl and her team provide nourishing, beautiful food. Kore Kitchen meals have helped me truly reset and recalibrate my body. Like so many of us, I have struggled with food allergies and after many mis-diagnoses, was finally conclusively diagnosed with SIBO. The stress of what I could and couldn’t eat was totally overwhelming. Kore Kitchen got me through those first few tough months, and I will keep making Kore Kitchen a part of my life to stay healthy, trim, and strong. Kore Kitchen has helped me understand how many great things I can eat, no matter where I am, and has given me back my love of food as well as shiny hair, clear skin, and a flat tummy! My husband has also used Kore Kitchen’s meal delivery service and still raves about the 'best turkey meatballs ever'."

- Bianca, TV Producer

"I lost 8 lbs with Kore Kitchen. The quality of the food and service was excellent! I hope I can replicate the breakfast smoothies at home!"

- Jayme, Lawyer

"Four months after having a baby and one month away from a wedding, I needed to lose 15 lbs. stat. I was trying to eat healthy and breast feed, but I was stuck at the same weight. Meryl set me up on a Kore Kitchen meal plan and even helped me find exercise classes that I love!  I'm so excited to eat my meals everyday, and feel fully satisfied. I'm already at my goal weight two weeks early thanks to Kore!"

Libby, Actress & Mother

“I just finished a three day cleanse this weekend and I feel as amazing as I’d hoped I would. Kore Kitchen has opened my eyes to a whole new facet to what it means to eat well, eat easy, and all the while enjoy it. Not once did I feel hungry or deprived, and not once did I wish for any meal to be over. Every dish, smoothie, and soup had such rich and interesting flavors, I kept thinking to myself “I wish meals this incredible could be everyday”. I’d kill to wake up every morning to a fridge stocked with Kore Kitchen creations! Life is short people – if you’re going to cleanse why not actually enjoy it?”

- Caroline Juen, @LoveandLoathingLA

"Kore Kitchen has transitioned my life into my nutritional dream! I love high quality healthy food but had a hard time staying consistent because of my schedule. Meryl came into my life and set up the perfect all-day, everyday nutritional experience I've always wanted. Living healthfully never tasted so incredible. I feel like my higher potential and I'm losing weight!"

-Reggie Watts

"I have been so happy with Kore Kitchen.  The food is fantastic and they are super organized.  It's obvious a lot of thought and work goes into it."

- Hilary, Actress

"I have tried other services and Kore Kitchen blows the competition out of the water. I look forward to discovering what treasures await me, and I also trust the treasures to be uniquely health-conscious. With Kore Kitchen, healthy does not mean bland! Every meal is delicious, tasty, and always surprising. Portion sizes are perfect, and I'm left feeling satiated. They've got me hooked on their morning smoothies and juices, as well as their snack choices, which are always thoughtfully selected. On top of everything, their customer service is not only excellent, but highly personalized, which seems appropriate as food is always personal. Overall, Kore Kitchen is hands down the very best at what they do. Their passion is evident in every meal."

- Rachel, Austin, TX

"I like to think of myself as a foodie, and have tried numerous food delivery systems. Kore Kitchen is hands down the best one there is. I call it the real deal! When I got my order I was literally jumping up and down from excitement. Everything from the smoothie down to the way chicken was cooked, was perfect. The smoothie in the morning kept me full all the way until lunch. I am a picky eater and was surprised to find that I loved everything so much. Who knew eating healthy could taste so good! After one day of doing a custom Kore Cleanse, I felt so good physically and emotionally. When you eat well, you feel well!"

- Allie Cohen, Barry's Bootcamp Instuctor & Fitness Model